Hiking choices in the North Warren region of the Adirondacks include the leisurely, the intense and everything in-between. With breathtaking views, fun for the whole family, and challenges for experienced hikers, the Southern Adirondacks offer something for everyone. Explore and enjoy the hikes below, as well as those in surrounding areas of the Adirondacks.

Chester Challenge

Hike the Chester Challenge with many easy hiking trails that are geared for those who want to get great views with moderate effort. The Challenge is comprised of 10 hiking and nature trails through wetlands and nearby mountains. The following make up the Chester Challenge: Catamount and Green Hill, Kipp Mountain, the Cougar Trail, the Caroline Fish Trail, Stewart Mountain, Meade and Beckman Mountains, the Chester Creek Trails and the Palmer Pond Trail. Hike six trails and earn the Chester Challenge pin!

Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area

The southern entrance to the extensive Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area is located at Beaver Pond Road near Brant Lake. The distance from the trail head to the tip of Pharaoh Lake, one of the largest lakes in the park, is 2.37 miles. This vast wilderness area offers 48 miles of foot trails, many featuring crystal-clear ponds, while the climb to the summit of Pharaoh Mountain offers a spectacular view of the high peaks.

Gull Pond Trail 

A short and easy trail to a beautiful pond. The trail ends at a rock outcrop with views of the entire pond. From this outcrop the views of the boulders and sheer cliffs across the pond are impressive. For the effort required to reach it, there is not a prettier pond in the Adirondacks. For more information, click here.

Spectacle Pond Trail

Spectacle Pond Trail follows Spectacle Brook, crossing it several times on the way to the pond ending at a rock outcrop with excellent views of the cliffs on Pharaoh Mountain. A reasonable distance through the hemlock forest, combined with several stream crossings make this an interesting hike for children. For more information, click here.

Whortleberry Pond Trail 

This hike follows marked trails to an unmaintained trail which, in turn, leads to secluded Whortleberry Pond. The pond is located in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, only a short walk from Pharaoh Lake, an excellent area for bird watching.

Horicon’s Mill Pond

This is a short, easy walk around picturesque Mill Pond. The walk starts at The Hub’s parking lot and proceeds clockwise around the pond. Take in the sights and sounds of beautiful and historic Horicon, NY on this easy stroll. More info here.