North Warren

North Warren is comprised of the Town of Chester and the Town of Horicon in Warren county, New York.

Chestertown is one of the main hamlets of the Town of Chester.  It was founded in 1799 and its main settlement was known as the Chester Four Corners.  The other main hamlet is Pottersville and by the 1830’s the economy of the Town was centered on farming, lumbering and tanning.

The later 1800’s saw a growing number of tourists come into the area.  Hotels, boarding houses and summer resorts sprang up to satisfy visitors and vacationers.  One still remaining is the Wells House in Pottersville.

In 1964 Chestertown became famous for being chosen to provide the National Christmas Tree to the White House in Washington D.C.

Today Chestertown has an active Main Street with a variety of businesses including a hardware store, quilt shop, grocery store, artisan shop, and several excellent restaurants.  Businesses cater to year round residents and vacationers.

The Town of Horicon was incorporated in 1838.  The Mill Pond on Brant Lake was the site of the majority of commerce with a general store, hat shop, saw mill, grist mill, hotel and blacksmith shop.  Teddy Roosevelt is among the list of its famous visitors.

The Hamlet of Brant Lake is also known for its children’s summer camps providing summer activity and fun for both boys and girls.

The Hamlet of Adirondack, also part of the Town of Horicon is known for its beautiful location on Schroon Lake and the Adirondack General Store.  The building was built in the 1850’s as a company store for the local tannery.

When you visit the Towns and Hamlets of North Warren, be sure to stop in at the Chamber of Commerce Information Center located at Dynamite Hill to learn more about where we call home.